Key Laboratory of China’s Light Industrial Bio-based Materials Engineering

1、Establishment date: in July 2016, the China federation of light industry issued a document that recognized it as one of the first batch of key laboratories of China light industry, which was officially awarded in October

2、Main research fields: biological engineering, chemical reaction engineering, product engineering

3、 Introduction  

The lab was supported by East China University of Science and Technology and Hi-tech Fiber Group Co., LTD., the current laboratory director is professor Zhao Liming, and the director of the academic committee is academician Yu Jianyong. Under the guidance of the academic committee, the laboratory director is responsible for the daily operation and management of the laboratory. According to the three research directions of the laboratory, six scientific research teams including synthetic biology, biological process engineering, chemical reaction engineering, material application engineering, technical standard formulation and key equipment development are formed.   

Guided by the national strategic demand and the frontier of discipline development, the laboratory aims to realize the substitution of bio-based raw materials for petroleum-based raw materials and realize industrialization. It concentrates resources, tracks the frontier and makes collaborative innovation. It focuses on the basic research and high-tech development of bio-based materials with biomass as raw materials, green production process and environment-friendly products. The three main research directions of the laboratory are as follows: 1) biological process research aiming at green manufacturing of biomaterials monomer; 2) chemical reaction engineering research aimed at green manufacturing of bio-based materials; 3) product engineering research aimed at realizing the application of bio-based materials. New products mainly developed include biological ginilon PA4, poly (lactic acid), PBS, PTT, chitosan fiber an

The laboratory will provide strong support for implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, further improving the construction of the technology innovation system of light industry, strengthening the construction of the general technology research and development platform of light industry, improving the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of light industry, accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promoting the green and sustainable development of light industry.