Key Laboratory of PLA Fiber in Textile Industry

Laboratory Introduction

The key laboratory of poly (lactic acid) fiber in textile industry which is supported by Hi-Tech Fiber Group Co., LTD is located in Hangzhou Bay New Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The laboratory covers an area of 4,000 square meters with a total staff of 80, including 15 senior professional titles. Main research areas of lab include the development and application of biological base material such as poly (lactic acid) (PLA), in order to enhance the comprehensive performance of polylactic acid fiber, manufacturing technology, and ratio of polylactic acid fiber large-scale industrialization of scientific basis and key technical problems, establish the international leading polylactic acid fiber and low in cost, large-scale industrialization of the whole industry chain technology system for the vision, for the sustainable development of biomass fiber industry in our country, provide technical support system.

Research Fields

1. With the development of the whole industrial chain and the mastery of core technologies as the guidance, coordinate the development of large-scale and differentiated key technologies and product application technologies for direct spinning of polylactic acid polymer melt.

l Solve the basic scientific problems and key technologies of continuous polymerization and direct spinning of poly (lactic acid) fiber industrialization, to establish technical specifications, standards of spinning grade lactic acid polymer and characterization of poly (lactic acid) fiber.

l Explore the technical route of poly-lactic acid spunbond nonwovens and establish the regulation mechanism of spunbond nonwovens performance by using spunbond technology.

l Explore the dispersion and stability mechanism of nanometer coated pigment in polylactic acid fiber spinning melt and realize low temperature and high efficiency dyeing of poly (lactic acid) fiber and textile.

l Study the effect of nucleating agent on the crystallization properties of poly (lactic acid) and the application and process design of supercritical carbon dioxide in double screw continuous extruding foamed poly (lactic acid) .

2. Development of new bio-based materials and new raw materials: develop bio-based chemical fiber raw materials such as lactic acid (LA), gamma-aminobutyric acid, furandiacid and hexandiamine with obvious cost advantage and leading technology.

3. Sample platform construction: build the research and development platform of advanced bio-based fiber production new technology and industrial engineering technology through the construction of laboratory research and development platform, testing platform and pilot test line. Build the domestic leading testing laboratories through the integration of resources and the upgrading of testing instruments.

Future Development

Through the construction of the laboratory, we will build an international advanced research and development platform for bio-based chemical fiber, engineering technology platform, talent training platform, academic exchange platform and technology transfer platform, develop a number of with independent intellectual property rights and the international competitiveness of the core key technology, equipment, improve the innovative ability of our country in terms of biological fiber material, production technology and engineering technical ability, promote biological base material such as poly (lactic acid) (PLA) industry overall upgrade and technological progress, leading biological fiber production technology and application in our country. At the same time, through the construction and effective operation of "laboratory", to create a talent training base, to train a number of bio-based fiber technical personnel for China.

Relying on hi-tech fiber national enterprise technology center, Weifang Xinlong national enterprise technology center, East China University of Science and Technology and Hi-tech Fiber Group joint research institute of bio-based materials, key laboratory of bio based materials engineering of light industrial China and hi-tech fiber biological materials engineering center. The laboratory is expected to raise 15 million yuan in three years with the support of enterprises and the government, and initially build an academic committee composed of 40-50 researchers and 13-15 well-known experts in the field. It has built 1000m2 bio-based chemical fiber laboratory, 1000t/year high temperature resistant poly (lactic acid) foam experimental pilot line, annual production of 50 tons of poly (butyllactam) pilot line, melt spinning pilot line.