Baoding Swan Fiber Co., Ltd.

Baoding Swan Fiber Co., Ltd (abbreviated as Baoding Swan), located in the industrial area of western Baoding city, Hebei Province, formerly state-owned Baoding Chemical Fiber Joint Factory, it was once the first modern sizeable chemical fiber joint enterprise in China. It became a member of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation in September 2009 and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hi-Tech Fiber Group Corporation since October 2016.

In 2015, the first domestic Lyocell staple fiber production line with 15000 tons/per was successfully installed and put into operation in Baoding Swan to produce high-end brand “ORICELL” Lyocell staple fiber. Baoding Swan became the first Lyocell manufacturer in China, and the second in the world in this field. “ORICELL” entered domestic and international market rapidly and received positive feedback from customers from home and abroad. Now Baoding Swan has established long-term cooperation relationship with a number of enterprises. “ORICELL” successfully used in garment, home textiles, sanitary materials, facial mask and other fields, its market share is increasing steadily.

Since 2016, combined with the synergetic strategy in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Baoding Swan started to construct a new Lyocell staple fiber plant in Shunping, Baoding with capacity of 60000 tons/year, total investment reaching RMB 2.5 billion, it strives to become the world’s largest manufacturer of Lyocell staple fiber. Baoding Swan strives to make great contribution to the transformation of traditional viscose fiber and realize the adjustment of industrial structure of regenerated cellulose fiber.

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