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The main enterprise of my company which produced the viscose staple fiber is Weifang Xinlong Biological Materials Co., Ltd.?

Regular Viscose staple fiber is regenerated cellulose fiber which is produced with cotton, wood or other natural fibers. Using natural cellulose, after mercerization, aging and sulphofication etc, the soluble cellulose xanthenes is finished, and then dissolved in dilute alkali liquor for the spinning dope, the final viscose fiber is made by wet spinning. Regular Viscose staple fiber has the general physical and mechanical properties and chemical properties, including staple fiber type and filament yarn type, commonly known as man-made cotton, wool and silk.

The moisture rate of viscose fiber fits with human body skin very much, good hygroscopicity, wearing comfortable, good spinnability, smooth cool, breathable, antistatic, beautiful dyeing features.

Viscose staple fiber is often spinned with cotton, wool or various kinds of synthetic fibers, used in various types of clothing and decorative textiles, which is a chemical fiber used widely.

The leading products of Weifang Xinlong Biological Materials Co., Ltd. is the conventional  viscose staple fiber and the differential viscose staple fiber as followed.
1、The Anti-fcell flame retardant fiber

The fiber is achieved the industrialization production in July 2005 Anti-fcell flame retardant fiber which developed on the basis of the results of the national "863" plan is a kind of high-tech fiber material with the performance of flame-retardant anti-droplet. The product is produced by a new generation of fiber flame retardant technology—sol-gel technology. This technology make the inorganic polymer flame retardant exist in viscose fiber organic macromolecules by the interpenetrating network status, and ensure the excellent fiber physical properties.


Renewable natural plant as raw material, green environmental protection; Breathable and absorption moisture better, fabric has a good handle feeling and wearing comfortable; Burning without melting drops, has the effect of self-extinguish only produces little non-toxic flue gas; Burning form dense charring layer;With heat insulation effect; Products can be natural degradation, accord with environmental protection requirements.


Nonwoven materials for Children's toys, the elder supplies, nonwoven materials for traffic tools, nonwoven decorative materials for public places; Military and industrial overalls, fire protection clothing, heat protective clothing lining; Mattress, sofa furniture lining etc.

Nonwoven Decorative Materials
Children's Toys
2、Color fiber

The color fiber produced by Weifang Xinlong Biological Materials Co., Ltd. which using the high quality pulp and environmental color paste as raw materials, using the injection technology before spinning ,mixing the color paste and spinning dope evenly , through the wet spinning process, a kind of natural and environmental protection cellulose fiber was made.

The color fiber has realized the high integration of rich color and cleaner production, fundamentally realized green fiber, green production, guided the modern textile industry into the era of "no dye" .


This product is environmental and low carbon: using the environmental color paste and injection technology before spinning, reduce the waste water discharge in dyeing and finishing process, save water, reduce the dyeing cost, meet the national policy.

Varieties of color, high color fastness, light resistance, heat resistance, resistance to water, color is lasting.

The fiber is health and fashion: adopting the environmental color paste , close skin , fiber is comfort and has good absorption capability.


The color fiber can be produced according to the customer's samples for color mixing, meeting customer's color requirements. Multiple specifications and colors can adapt to different market demand, and widely used in hemp grey yarn products, underwear, home textiles and non-woven, meet the requirements of the home textiles on different colors, accord with modern personalized, diversified, clothing development trend of the fashion and consumer trends.

The Grass Green Color Fiber
The Peach Red Color Fiber
3、HL-Azlon TM Wool protein fiber

HL-Azlon TM Wool protein fiber is produced by Weifang Xinlong Biological Materials Co., Ltd. under the superfine powder processing technology.First, the wool is crushed to the extent to use for viscose fiber, then be treated by the special protection technology, and produced by the unique cellulose process.

This fiber is different from the common protein cellulose fiber ,it avoid the dissolution of protein and no destroy the original structure of the protein .At the same time, we reduce the pollution to maximum extent compare to the traditional craft,and make the cellulose and protein in a perfect micro structure coexist .


Cashmere-like soft touch, warm;Good skin-friendly and health functions; Excellent breath ability and comfortable;Acid staining, bright colors, soft and shiny, high dyeing rate, and still maintains the original performance after dyeing, with excellent wearing security ;The product natural degradation, comply with environmental requirements.


The knitting field: sweater, underwear, T-shirts, shirts, pajamas; The woven field: woven shirt;The shuttle woven areas: blended linen silk products;Fiber and silk, wool, cashmere, cotton and other fibers blended.

Underwear, Sweater